Ode to the Wind

"Mozenrath - Master of the Wind"
by Shiniclaes
This is a place for poetry dedicated to wind, water and windsurfing; and, actually, to all beautiful things on this planet. Not only poetry - short essays, old and new sayings, all expressions of our passion. Under the label "ode to the wind" (on the right column) you can search and find different articles, some famous poems and songs dedicated to the wind, and some "ordinary" experiences. If you wish, send me your short artistic expressions of your experiences, or any other poetry or short literary works you find suitable for this site. Or, you can send photos or pictures dedicated to the wind. Share the art with us!

For starter, I share with you a short essay about windsurfing I wrote within on my books.

Moments of Eternity

"The moments I like the most are those when I go alone searching for the wind. Not in the summer, when there are people everywhere, but in spring, or autumn. And not during weekends, but during an ordinary day…

I fill my van with boards and sails, drive to Karin or Punat on the island Krk. A sunny day, nobody on sight, white tops on waves, bura (northern wind) that makes it too strong to stand on the shore without protection, but perfect for playing on the water.

Slowly, I am assembling my rig and board. I am not in a hurry. I have the whole day. For an hour or so, I am just preparing, checking if everything is ok, watching the sea, measuring the wind. Finally, in one perfect moment, I carry the equipment to the water, taking off in a cloud of white foam, speeding like an arow, falling, rising… If I am not careful, the wind will catapult me; take the sail from my hands… But, sometimes, it will get merciful and weaker; and than again, getting wild and hitting me with the strength of a mustang… Than, getting weaker again (such is bura: it jumps and hits going up and down in a second), and I have to sink (small board, not enough to support me without wind). Than I wait in the water, praying to bura to come back again. It will come, I know.

And than, I see its white smile in the distance. Like a fallen wall, it comes down on me. In this moment, it is too strong to even think of rising the sail. So, I wait for its mercy. I ask for it, so I am not complaining! In a few minutes, it becomes gentler, and, as such, it trows me around like a wild horse, passionate, madly, completely out of this universe…

And than, it happens: Adrian disappears. He does not exist anymore. What remains on the water - “who” is there, dancing and playing and runing and dying – that has always been and always will be there, in the moment of eternity.