PIERRE MILUTIN (Croatia - Australia) is very experienced speed windsurfer, known and respected in speedsurfing community in Australia and Croatia. He is currently the holder of the unofficial GPS speed record in max speed and 5/10 average in Croatian waters (Adriatic). Among other contribution to Soulwindsurf web site (see It's All In The Head interview with Pierre, published 17.05.2009.), his Speedsurfing Tuning Tips articles are very informative and valuable for all windsurfers.


DOMAGOJ PRIMUŽAK (Croatia) is professor of kinesiology and personal trainer. His specialty are physical preparation and conditioning for athletes, as well as nutrition and hydration. For years he was engaged in bodybuilding, skiing and cycling. He is relatively short into windsurfing, but long enough to use his knowledge and structure a series of exercises for serious recreational windsurfers. Start reading his articles with Prepare Your Body For Windsurfing.


DAVOR STANČIĆ (Croatia) is a traveler, windsurfing convert, master of meditation and tantra, and a lover of nature and life. He is traveling around in search for a better places to... well, windsurf! :-) Of course, traveling is always about excitement, joy and more than anything - about seeing things with new eyes. Start with his inspirational and informative account of his trip to Cape Verde in the article Boa Vista.


ZORAN KOŠMERL – (Croatia) Professional architect and light designer in his own company, recreational windsurfer, skier and bikerider. Likes to travel and explore windy and snowy destinations and enjoys the nature in every sense. Often uses his practical skills and knowledge to help friends in solving problems of any kind. Start reading his articles with detailed practical report from Fuerteventura.


ALBERTO POSSATI - (Italy) Mechanical engineer, husband and father, long time musician and windsurfer, medical Qi Gong practitioner (not necessarily in this order), he’s been lucky enough to follow his life passions in recent years. He’s been involved in speedsurfing from 2006, thus making one of his dreams come true. Start reading with his article Luderitz: my personal challenge.