Monday, June 24, 2019

Aetheric Windsurfing

If the click on the pic above does not work, you can watch the video by clicking HERE.

It is summer. Time to feel the pleasures of the body and enjoy in nature.

Don't miss it. If you are really there, at the moment, with no thoughts about anything else, your perception of reality can change drastically. For years I was cultivating the skill of soulwindsurfing, using one of the most beautiful sports ever invented to touch the aetheric realms of changed perception.

It happens almost every time I am out there, with my board and sail, dancing with the wind. In the past, I tried to explain it with the words, but it is a difficult task. What I see, what I hear, and how I feel? I see a lot of lights, sparkles of unearthly existence. The other bodies and objects are transformed into angelic forms. I hear music interwoven with the whisper of the wind and singing of board flying happily over the sea.

Yeah, I know, it is hard to believe. But, some of my comrades, brothers, and sisters in sails, know what I am talking about.

It is not even close to the real thing, but in the video, I used a hint of technology to recreate a moment of aetheric windsurfing.

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