Sunday, August 11, 2019

Soma Bay Experience

For a couple of years now, I wanted to visit Soma Bay, a famous windsurfing spot near Hurgadha, Egypt. On at least two or three occasions I already booked the trip, but I had to cancel it due to... Well, there were reasons, for sure. Already started to think it is not meant for me to go, but this year, the chance presented itself, and I took it.

Beginning of August is not a high season in Egypt. People think it is too hot, and rightfully so – it was hot! However, the Palm Royal Resort (5 stars) is equipped with big and beautiful air-conditioned rooms, so no problems there.

No problems also while windsurfing (thinnest lycra for sun protection), except if you want to refresh yourself with diving into the sea. The temperature of the water is 27-29 degrees, but it feels like diving into a hot tub. Better stay onboard and let the wind cools you.

The Surfmotion station is well equipped with new JP boards and mostly NeilPryde sails. It is located near Palm Royale; if you stay at any other hotel or resort, you will have to take a taxi because the distances from resort to resort are huge.

The members of the stuff (mostly Egyptians) are cooperative, always in cheering mood and with a good practice of carrying your sail to the water (you have to take care of the board.

The spot... well, it is smaller than I excepted, at least the official part. From the entrance up to the flags on the reef (don't go further, they say) is less than a kilometer, and the whole windsurfer's area is some 200 meters wide. The (huge) rest of the Soma bay is reserved for kiters. Surrounded by thousands of teabags in the air, I couldn't resist the feeling of being an endangered species.

Are windsurfers an endengered species?

To go further out and explore the rest of this Red Sea diamond, apparently you should bring your own equipment, which I didn't, so I restricted myself to freeriding up and down over the gentle blueness. I did enjoy it, no problem, but after seven days of such pleasures, I would give a lot for my slalom board and sail and a nice long ride far away outside the official area.

The wind was sweet, gentle, and surprisingly predictable. It started blowing around 10:00 in the morning (average 18-20 kt, quite constant), went down two hours later and died entirely after 13:00. I booked JP SuperSport 113, and it served me nicely three out of seven days with NP Speedster 7,2. The four other days, I took JP SportSport 125 and NP Speedster 8,2. All rather big, but it was full seven days windsurfing out of seven days stay! No complaints here.

You might say that two hours per day is not much, but somehow it was enough for me. Maybe it was the heat, who knows. The rest of the days I spend resting in a cold room, swimming in a pool (the sea was too warm for my taste) and otherwise enjoying all-inclusiveness of Palm Royale.

As a vegetarian gourmand, I enjoyed the food. It was plenty and sufficiently diversified. Each day Palm Royale have a different dinner theme, so in seven days we went all over the world from Asian to Mexican. No complaints here, either.

The only complaint is – no internet. Of course, they advertise free wifi everywhere. Apparently, there is wifi, and you can connect, but it is simply not working except for messages and, if you are lucky, somedays for mails. So, don't count on that; if you depend on internet connection and you need it, better buy some internet voucher on the airport (before you exit the terminal because after that you probably will not have a chance).

Friday, July 19, 2019

Double Joy

If the click on the pic above does not work, you can watch the video by clicking HERE.

Well... Nice and easy. :-)

Emina, the first time in both foot straps (yeeee!) - JP SuperX 106, Neil Pryde XMove 5,3
Adrian, helmet camera, - Fanatic Blast 130, Neil Pryde Speedster 8,2

Monday, June 24, 2019

Aetheric Windsurfing

If the click on the pic above does not work, you can watch the video by clicking HERE.

It is summer. Time to feel the pleasures of the body and enjoy in nature.

Don't miss it. If you are really there, at the moment, with no thoughts about anything else, your perception of reality can change drastically. For years I was cultivating the skill of soulwindsurfing, using one of the most beautiful sports ever invented to touch the aetheric realms of changed perception.

It happens almost every time I am out there, with my board and sail, dancing with the wind. In the past, I tried to explain it with the words, but it is a difficult task. What I see, what I hear, and how I feel? I see a lot of lights, sparkles of unearthly existence. The other bodies and objects are transformed into angelic forms. I hear music interwoven with the whisper of the wind and singing of board flying happily over the sea.

Yeah, I know, it is hard to believe. But, some of my comrades, brothers, and sisters in sails, know what I am talking about.

It is not even close to the real thing, but in the video, I used a hint of technology to recreate a moment of aetheric windsurfing.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Free soulwindsurfing

In spite of the enormous amount of work I have to do these days, I find some time for at least tasting the wind. Last Sunday I was on island Pag. Jugo (south wind), 20-30 knots. I was expecting less, so I took a bigger board and sails. However, new Fanatic Blast 130 and NP Speedster 7,2 worked perfectly in those conditions.

I am now giving up the slalom and speed, mind you - just enjoying some more comfortable days in freeriding. However, I have to say that I was surprised by the power of Speedster. And Blast is mighty fast, too. :-)