Wednesday, October 31, 2018

26 hours and 40 kilometers swimming

This is a kind of a miracle. Goran Jablanov (47 years old), a windsurfer from Slovenia, went windsurfing on Monday (29.10.2018.) with two friends trying to challenge hurricane scale south wind. They started in north Istria spot (Croatia), just to find out that they overestimated their strengths.  Two of them succeeded to come back on the shore, but Goran didn't. Apparently, his sail was torn in pieces. The search for him went on over the night and during the next day. In the afternoon almost all hope was lost.

However, that evening Goran called his wife, and the ambulance, of course, from the beach bar on Costa del Barbara, Italy! That is 19 kilometers from Trieste, and 40 kilometers from the point of entrance in the sea (look at the map above)!

As an experienced windsurfer, he didn't let go of his board. The sea was unusually warm for this time of year, and he has a winter neoprene suit. Nevertheless, 26 hours and 40 kilometers swimming on the rough sea! That is something to remember.

No serious injuries for Goran, just extortion and dehydration. He is already well, waiting for the next windsurfing session.

Take care, Goran. We are all relieved that you are safe and sound. That was one lucky adventure, but safety first is always the best policy.  Sometimes the wind is just... too strong.

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