Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Packing for Greece

Those days are here again! Packing for Greece is in the same time a drag and a pleasure. The usual mess in the backyard, in front of a garage. This time, I am more modest equipment wise. I have learned that too much may be really too much. So, no extremes this year - just four boards and three sails. That should be enough.

However, I have two new speed machines, acquired specially with Karpathos in mind. New RRD X-Fire 90 (which should do the trick and take me safely through wind holes) and even newer X-Fire 80 (a worthy replacement for a speed board).

This year, the plan is to visit a legendary windsurfing spot in Vasiliki, on island Lefkada. Of course, I will take a chance on other spots on the island as well. You can expect some nice and practical reports, as usual. :-)

A week or ten days there should be enough. After that, I will proceed to the place of windy dreams - Karpathos. Looking forward to meet old and new friends and participate in two GPS events: Odyssey of Speed and Karpathos Speed. Cheers!

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