Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Don't throw plastic bags in the sea! Please.

Tourist season brings a lot of people to the Adriatic Coast. Nice, if you like overcrowded beaches and a lot of fun. However, where there are a lot of people, there is a lot of garbage, too.

I want to warn you about one special kind of windsurfer-dangerous garbage: plastic bags in the sea!

Before you let something like that fall in the sea - maybe because you are innocently careless and the wind just picked it up from the beach, or maybe you are shamelessly careless and just threw it from your rented boat or a shiny yacht you own - think about the consequences. It is not only that you have polluted the nature - it may be that you just harmed some innocent windsurfer very badly.

Namely, plastic bags don't sink, but they also don't float on the surface. Usually, they have very dangerous characteristic of floating just below the surface, some 20-30 cm in the sea. That means, if you are windsurfing, YOU DON'T SEE IT until it is too late!

If you hit the plastic bag with your fin, that means catapult. The board stops abruptly, and windsurfer’s body continues to move with high speed. Anything can happen - from just a couple of bruises and broken mast to destroyed life due to broken neck.

And all that because someone was careless.

Few days ago, I had a windsurfing session in Zablaće, near Šibenik, Croatia. I had to make slalom between at least 5-6 plastic bags floating in the sea and waiting for its victims. It was not a relaxed feeling at all.

So, I can just repeat and ask everyone: don't throw plastic bags in the sea! Please.


  1. This year I have also noticed a lot of plastic garbage in the Peljesac channel.
    I would suggest even more then Adrian: avoid buying and using plastic bags
    at all, and promote their replacement with eco degradable bags!

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