Saturday, June 7, 2014

When heart rate goes down, enjoyment goes up!

Training session, 06.06.2014., Srima, Croatia

10 months ago I posted the example of heart rate monitor results during the windsurfing session. That article was a part of the series about zone training, especially about the importance of monitoring the heart rate and keeping it as low as possible.

Some 10 years ago I was fully into zone training, but with time I neglected it. When posting this article last year, I was actually inspiring myself to start with it again. And I did. Instead of paying attention to outer performance, I turned inside and started again with breathing techniques and especially with cardio and zone trainings (basically, you exercise while keeping your heart rate between 60% and 70% of your maximum heart rate).

Also, instead of only windsurfing I started to ride a bike and do some trekking. And, while windsurfing, I was listening to my own advice from the article "Warm up more", meaning that I am starting each session with 2-3 minutes ride, followed by 2-3 minutes of resting, and repeating that cycle 3-4 times.

Yesterday, I put my training style on test (which is many times enormously considered to be "too easy")
and made a heart rate recording in similar conditions (somewhat milder) as 10 months ago.

Take a look at the comparison of heart rate data on the picture below.

Just few remarks:

Average heart rate 14.08.2013: 132 or 80% of HR max.
Average heart rate 06.06.2014: 116 or 69% of HR max.

Max heart rate 14.08.2013: 166 or 98% of HR max.
Max heart rate 06.06.2014: 139 or 83% of HR max.

Calories consumption 14.08.2013.: 1642
Calories consumption 06.06.2014.: 1139

So, quite similar sessions in duration, more distance traveled, even more planning, and with considerable less effort and strain!

I am happy to see that my trainings give results. And if I can do it at the age of 52, younger athletes certainly can do even better! Imagine doing all what you are doing now, but with almost 30% less effort.

When heart rate goes down, enjoyment goes up! Not to mention the effects on health.

My warm recommendation to everyone, especially to more mature windsurfers and athletes in general,
(to prevent and lower the risk of heart problems) is to put more attention to what their heart is doing while they are windsurfing.

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