Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Sun Salute

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The Sun Salute, or, as called in Indian tradition - Surya Namaskar, is one of the most efficient warming up exercises I know.

This exercise stretches the whole body; warms up the muscles and prepares you in a balanced way for your beloved sport activity.

Before your training, as a warming up, you can do 10-15 rounds of surya namaskar, at fast or increasingly faster pace. Surya namaskar is also a very good cooling down exercise. After your training you can do again 10 rounds, this time at a slower pace, with longer stretching poses.

You can connect – actually it is good that you do it – the movements with a rhythmical breathing. If you can do it with Dart Vader Ujjayi breathing, even better.

In my experience, the Sun Salute decreases the time spent in warming up and preparing for windsurfing. For example, 5 minutes of good, fast rounds of Sun Salute, together with ujjayi breathing, is equal to 20 minutes of classical warming up with stretching, running, jumping, or such things. Actually, when on the shore most of the time you don't have enough space to do proper warming up. For Sun Salute all you need is two square meters of space!

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