Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Croatian GPS Speed Record

photo by Branko Aničić
For the end of the year, congratulations to Pierre Milutin, who broke his own previous unoffical GPS speed record in Croatian waters!

Day after Christmas, on strong jugo wind (SE), in Jadrtovac (middle Dalmatia, near Šibenik) with Mistral Speed 55, Loft Blade 5,6 and Raven 28/CLweed 26, Pierre did the following:

photo by Urška Kavčič Desnica
38,536 kt average 5/10; 35,578 kt 500 met run; 42,133 2sec; 39,592 10sec; 41,128 100met; 23,511 nautical mile; 22,420 @500

Congratulations to Pierre on two Croatian records - 2 sec 5/10 average, and we expect from him even more in new year!


Great session on jugo (SE) wind also in the northen part of Adriatic: Vladan Desnica, Soline (Slovenian and Croatian border).

39,052 KTs max peak, 35,761 KTs average 5/10, 34,038 KTs 500 met run - not easy to acheive on chop! Congrats to Vladan!


  1. With the first days of New Year, Pierre improved his record on +43 kt, and average 5/10 +40 kt! Congratulations!

  2. this place looks so beautiful. just the place one would need to get away from thier hectic and stressful routines. thank you for updating us with all about it. keep posting