Monday, November 11, 2013

High Intensity Interval Training 2

by Domagoj Primu┼żak

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Another set of three exercises is ready for one more windsurfing dry training that can be performed in gym or at home. The main intention is still high intensity interval training, however, the training also improves body balance and coordination.

Body balance is crucial in windsurfing and can be defined as a body capability to maintain correct stance while exposed to various forces (impacts). Coordination would be capability to control body movements.

No matter how much we might think our balance and body coordination is good enough, towards the end of windsurfing day we can feel very disappointed as both balance and body coordination tend to decline as body gets tired. It is more noticeable during the winter time, particularly in Croatia, when winds are stronger and long lasting so windsurfing can be performed all day along.

The following set of exercises is designed to postpone body fatigue, improve body coordination and balance and thus prolong windsurfing session.

High Intensity Interval Training 2 consists of 3 different exercises. Each exercises we perform 30 sec with no break in between them. Than we take 30 sec break and do it all over again. We do it 3 times. After 3rd round, there is 2 minutes break, and then we repeat everything 2x more.

In numbers: (3x30sec - 30 sec break - 3x30 sec - 30 sec break - 3x30 sec - 2 min break) x 3


1. This exercise simulates sail pull-up; we stand on the gym ball inserted into the tire, we connect rubber band to anchor point low in the wall. We pull the rubber band the same as sail pull-up. It is very important however, to keep back straight and push with the legs.

2. Battle ropes: this exercise activates whole body. First 10 repetition is pulling the rope with one hand and then another. Next 10 repetitions are pulling both ropes at the same time.

3. This exercise simulates sail pumping. The exercise is again with the gym ball inserted into the tire. This time rubber band anchor point is at the chest height. Do squat with the straight arms then go up by pulling the rubber band towards the chest, at the same time push hips forward and upper body back. Again it is very important to keep your back straight.

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