Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Šimuni, island Pag, Croatia

Although I am all the time wandering around Croatia, it is always amazing how some places can take your breath away! One of this places is the island Pag in the middle part of Croatian Adriatic see. The Island extends from the Pag Bridge to the southeast to Lun community to the northwest. Spreading over the 60 km is a real nature’s treasure with an abundance of spectacular landscapes. I must admit, in earlier days, Pag was somehow strange to me, but with time I get to love and adore his moon-like looks! From south side, Pag is connected to the Mainland with impressive bridge. But if you come from northern parts of Adriatic, you can take a ferry all way down from Rijeka; or much shorter line from Prizna.

Regarding windsurfing, the best place (at least for me) is Košljun bay. However, there is one place worth seeing, windsurfing and maybe stay there for some time as a base for exploring the island and more. That place is Camping Village Šimuni.

The best wind is bora, blowing over the rocky shore. The downside is that it is always quite gusty. The upside is that you have at least 5 miles long stripe to enjoy. The lounching spot is from the Camping place. If you are not staying there, during high season you will have to ask politely on the entrance to let you in (they probably will), but during low season, in spring and autumn, there will be no problem at all.

Well, Camping Šimuni is also well know for yearly organizing one hour slalom race. This is an excellent opportunity for all racers, speeders and free riders to gather and wait for the wind in joyous atmosphere! :-) Of course, the wind comes eventually, but it is not sure that it will be there during the two weekend days organizers choose for the regatta. But, actually, it does not matter. There is always some fun on the beach and unavoidable party in the evening!

I am not participating in races, but I always come, just to admire the spirit of windsurfing and to say hello to dear friends. That is what I have done also this year. During Saturday there was no wind - but the one hour slalom race was done in Sunday morning. You can see a lot of pictures HERE.

All in all, island Pag is definitely the excellent choice to combine exploring Croatia islands and to do some nice windsurfing!

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