Friday, September 20, 2013

High Intensity Interval Training 1

by Domagoj Primužak

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Interval training can be performed in 1,000 ways. In the next few articles, I will present to you some variations of high intensity interval training suitable like a preparation for the efforts of advanced windsurfing practice.

Here is one of my favorite interval endurance training related to windsurfing as it attempts to simulate classic slalom ride.

For this exercise we need: a rope, truck tires, two 0,5kg dumbbells and stopwatch.

One round consists of 4 different exercises lasting a total of 7 minutes without interruption.
  • we take a skipping rope and start to hop. First minute we jump in the easiest way (to slowly lift intensity). During second minute we jump at least 3x with left and then 3x with right leg in a row. In the last minute, we jump again the easy way.
  • as soon as the clock marks 3 minutes we leave a rope and start working 12 Marines (push-up, squat, jump, squat, push-up). 12 Marines will last about 30 seconds and your heart will certainly jump into the red zone (simulation of jibe).
  • after 12 Marines immediately we take weights of 0.5 kg and jump on the tire. For the next 3 minutes we do jumps on the truck tire while holding dumbbells.
  • after 3 minutes again without the rest we start doing 12 Marines.
When first round is finished, we rest for 30 or 45 seconds (simulation of constant wind easy riding) and we begin a new round (si,mulation of gust, soeed run, or gybe).

The plan is to make 9-10 rounds. It is about 30 minutes in total.

With our fitness improvement, we will be able to make more and more rounds without any rest in between.

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