Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Long summer ahead

No rush, no hassle, no people, just take it easy. Some dancing with the wind, some peaceful afternoons and quiet evenings. Reading good books, some writings, just being, not too much thinking... What to say: long summer ahead!

Scenery on the way to Paradise: Patras, Greece. Impressive bridge!

Island Kasos, one hour to Karpathos. Nothing happens here. Silence is all pervading. If you like the escape, here it is.

After five days of traveling (it's amazing, like in old days before plains, you have time to adjust, and settle, and enjoy and be happy) at Chris Shill place in Devils Bay. Now, I'll take it easy. :-)

A view from the balcony...


  1. oh, drago mi je da barem netko uživa. želim dobar vjetar i uživancije na moru. ja ću samo do Vignja. Nadam se jednog dana opet Karpathosu.

  2. Uživaj i ti, Vlatko. Viganj je i više nego ok!