Friday, May 17, 2013

Rainy day, windy joy

It was a perfect forecast with a minor flaw: a lot of rain! South wind 25-40 knots, enough for great fun. The entrance into the Košljun bay on island Pag was full when I arrived in the morning. Small windsurfers talk under umbrellas until, around noon, rain stopped (at least a little bit).

After that we got 3-4 hours of nice ride. It was choppy, wind was strong and gusty (sails from 4 to 7), from time to time rain was annoyingly pricky on our faces, but who cares.

On the photo: the Košljun crew from today (all from the norther part of Croatia and from Slovenia - southerners choosed to sail in the south :-) )

GPS results: KJD Zagreb & Soulwindsurf Team.

A lot of photos on Surf Jam Facebook page.

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