Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Windsurfer by Roy Orbison

Windsurfer... Windsurfer...
All he wanted was to ride out on the wind

To be one of the guys and to look good in her eyes
He practiced in his dreams
Trying to coast the waves
Most of the time he sailed alone
Endless summer days
Flying in the sun
He'd ride and wait for the wind
To take him home

Windsurfer... Windsurfer... Windsurfer...

He said let's sail away together
She told him no no never no
Wind Windsurfer

It was early one morning
On a lovely beach
He left a message and
He wrote it in the sand
Why do we always go for
Something out of reach?
Nobody ever really understands

All he wanted to do
Was outrun the sun
To take her in his arms
When the lonely days was done

Roy Orbison/Bob Dees

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