Saturday, January 5, 2013

Soulwindsurfing the 2012!

It's time for summing up the windsurfing impressions of 2012, and for reviewing some lovely numbers. (I am fond of statistics. While I’m doing it, I am somehow re-creating the experiences.)

So, during the whole year of 2012, I danced with the wind exactly 84 days!

Total distance made on board was 3232 kilometers!

I didn't freeze too much: the lowest air temperature while I was out there on the water was 10 °C (the highest 35 °C).

Board (Starboard and RRD) statistics

Surprisingly, the most days I was using speed boards and small (<90 liters) slalom: 36 times!
Individually, however, my SB iSonic 97 was under my feet 35 times last year.
Medium slalom boards (107, 113, 117) - 23 times.
And, the biggest board I own (RRD X-Fire 129) - 21 times.

Sail (Loft and Neil Pryde) statistics

7.0 sails - 37 times
8.6 sails - 24 times
6.2 sail - 20 times
7.8 sails - 12 times

Spot statistics

Karpathos, Greece - 36 times and 1647 km distance
Srima, Croatia - 16 times and 610 km distance
Košljun, Croatia - 10 times and 444 km distance
Karin, Croatia - 7 times and 210 km distance
Ždrijac, Croatia - 6 times and 98 km distance

Some results

This year I didn't increase the speed, although there was plenty of chances for that (in Greece and in Croatia, too).

I did, however, increase 1 hour (from 21,3 kt made in 2009. to 21,8 kt), @ turn up to 22,6 kt and distance on 215 km in one day.

All together, it is not impressive for some competitive level, but for me it's not a priority anyway. In spite of that I made it to the 4th place overall among Croatia GTC speed and slalom participants  (2009. - 2nd; 2010. - 2nd; 2011. - 6th).

In domestic waters (Slovenia and Croatia) according to WKC table, I am somewhere around 10th place depending on the discipline.

I also participated in two international GPS events on Karpathos (Swedish King of the Paradise - 9th place, and Odyssey of Speed - 8th place).

CRO Soulwindsurf Team

CRO Soulwindsurf Team was quite numerous this year (20 members, 3 women). That will change for 2013, because there will be some new teams in Croatia, adding to the fun. Regarding results - most members live on the continent, not on the shore, so we don't have an advantage of easy access to Adriatic. However, we are 5th in overall yearly ranking, taking 1th place (November) and 2nd place (August).

New Year resolution

Personally, I don't plan some speed records during the year, because, it seems to me that more or less it's up to conditions now. If it happens, it will happen. But, I will do my best to improve my skills, especially in turns.

I am planning to return to somewhat neglected training of cardio vascular and respiratory efficiency. I noticed that with years (50 now!), right approach to training is becoming more and more important.

And, of course, as many days with the wind and as much enjoyment as possible - that is my windsurfing New Year resolution!

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