Thursday, November 29, 2012

South wind again! (28.11.2012.)

Košljun, island Pag, one more warm day with south wind! Some ten or fifteen windsurfers from all around gathered to celebrate the gift of wind. The forecast was quite convincing - strong wind, up to 30 knots, but with rain.

However, in the morning it was sunny and as beautiful as it gets (as you can see on the picture - Mladen, member of Soulwindsurf Team on GTC, ready to go in and enjoy!)

Somewhere in the middle of the day heavy rain started, with dark clouds and lightning, but it lasted only half an hour. After that, wind picked up and ended in 40 knots gusts! Some nice speeds were achieved, and am I glad to say that Soulwindsurf team succeeded to keep its first place in Croatia November rankings!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Karin, Croatia, 14.11.2012.

Unusually warm day for November, and unusually constant bora (northeast) wind in Karin Croatia. I took some time off from misty and cold north to remind myself on how nice is to dance with the wind. 20-30 knots, not so gusty, 7,0 Loft Blade perfect for he conditions, and two boards SB iSonic 97 and RRD X-Fire 114. Both excellent. With iSonic I made my second best time on one mile - 29,2 kt. Max speed was over 35 kt, but pleasure was anyway on max!

On the picture you can see clear sky over Karin bay and Velebit mountain in the background. Perfect soulwindsurf day!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Košljun, island Pag, 31.10.2012.

The forecast was much better - some 25-40 knots was expected. But, in reality, I was mostly underpowered on 7,8 Loft Blade, and 114 RRD X-Fire. However, it was nice to take a break from northern mist, cold and early snow! (More photos on Soulwindsurf Facebook page.)